Technological exponents of the naval industry since 1964

Cintranaval Defcar

Cintranaval-Defcar,S.L. is one of the top technological Spanish companies in the shipbuilding industry.

Our company is backed with 54 years experience in basic and classification design of the diverse types of vessels having already carried out more than 600 “CND” brand projects built for shipowners from 30 different countries.

Furthermore, Cintranaval-Defcar, S.L. has developed the detail design and production engineering of nearly 60 vessels using in-house programmed CAD/CAM software, the DEFCAR system- used by more than 100 companies in 24 different countries.

Ship Desing

A high degree of specialization as ship designers allied to a program of continuous CAD/CAM software development is the key factor in the company’s success.

Cintranaval Group

The CINTRANAVAL Group is currently made up of four different companies linked by very close collaboration agreements. Their services are focused on:

  • Ship design and marine CAD/CAM software: CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR, S.L.
  • Hydrodynamics and ship propulsion: SISTEMAR, S.A.
  • Shipping consulting: BILBAO PLAZA MARITIMA SHIPPING, S.L.
  • International project coordination: SIATEG, S.L.

Fishing vessel and Tugboat design

All of them look for synergies to give a more complete and efficient service to the client, working under the same common culture:  

  • Customised service.
  • High flexibility and swift response.
  • Close collaboration with the best specialists.
  • Complete independence from governmental and financial institutions, shipyards and shipowners. 
The CINTRANAVAL Group is staffed by professionals of prestige who have been working in the shipbuilding industry for a long time. Without any kind of doubt, it supposes a new stage of collaboration with shipyards and shipowners, giving them a technological and logistic support that will allow them to adapt to the more and more demanding requirements of the market.

Ship Design

1.  Consultancy services

  • Need identification and analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Yard selection
  • Assistance to tenders (Preparation of tender documents & final evaluation)
  • Assistance to contract negotiations

2.  Ship design


  • Conceptual design

        > Styling / 3D Infographies and virtual videos
        > General arrangements & technical specifications 
        > Hydrodynamics & ship propulsion
        > Naval architectural calculations  
  • Preliminary Design

        > Scantling calculations
        > Main structural drawings
        > Main arrangement drawings
  • Classification Approval Design

        > Structure drawings
        > Steel outfitting & foundations
        > Machinery layout & piping diagrams
  • Production Design / Detail Engineering

        > 3D virtual model of hull structure, equipment & pipelines
        > Production information adapted to shipyard’s standards.

3.  Survey services

  • Inspections during the ship construction and guarantee period
  • Equipment, installation and vessel’s testing
  • Fulfillment of guarantees

4.  CAD/CAM software programming: The DEFCAR System

  • Ship Design Modules (Hull design & Naval architectural calculations)
  • Steel Production Engineering
  • Piping Production Engineering
  • Onboard loading program

5.  Preparation of operational manuals

6.  Technology transfer and training

7.  Logistics support

CAD/CAM Defcar

DEFCAR System has been developed by Marine Engineers and Computer Programmers using the newest programming languages and Windows® environment to create a very easy-to-use program.

DEFCAR System is 20 years old and in this time continuous improvements and innovations have been implemented in the program. The software has been developed by working closely to our customers and incorporating many suggestions and ideas from shipyards’ technical staff getting the best out of it in more than 300 vessels designed and built with DEFCAR.

DEFCAR System fits your needs.

Many Internationally renowned Shipyards and Technical Offices have chosen DEFCAR after comparing with ohter well-known CAD/CAM Systems on the market.


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48180 Loiu. Vizcaya (España)
Tel.: +34 944 631 600
Fax: +34 944 638 552